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Regional manager

Job responsibilities:

1. Timely complete the regional sales plan under my jurisdiction and establish the distribution network within my jurisdiction to expand the company's product coverage, improve product terminal coverage and promote sales growth;

2. Cooperate with the company's marketing plan to carry out marketing activities for retail customers in the region.

3. Manage dealers, assist dealers to manage sales team, and be responsible for daily management, training and establishment of reward and punishment mechanism for sales staff

4. Develop effective marketing plans

5. Basic salary + commission (the annual income of the excellent is over 15K);



College degree or above, between 28 and 37 years old.

At least 6 years working experience, at least 3 years working experience in sales of building material industry.

3. Strong marketing ability and good at developing and managing retail network channels.

4. Passionate, responsible and able to work under pressure.

5. Team management experience is preferred.

6. Contact number: 0371-62516068

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